Structured Process

For companies considering outsourcing…
We know there can be a lot of questions:

How do we decide what can be outsourced?

How will an outsourcing partner learn “our way of doing things”?
How will they interact with us on a day-to-day basis?
How will we be billed?

While a full consultation can best answer these questions
let’s analyze these points a bit to give you an idea of how we operate:

What Can We Outsource?

A potential customer is frequently concerned about how much work an outsourcing partner can efficiently complete? They don’t see how someone “outside” of their organization might take over critical business responsibilities based on how they presently operate. However, one of our first stages in the onboarding process is to work with our new customers to develop NEW business procedures that will enable us to collaborate more efficiently. Our team can begin seamlessly working with you across any of the services listed on our “Services” page with a little configuration.

What about OUR way of doing work?

Our clients don’t have to worry about their specific company needs being lost in the mix. Jaak Technologies understands that each company has its unique strategy. Therefore, we customize our services to match your workflow. During the induction/training program, our staff will ensure that we learn how you work, capture any unique aspects of your workflow, and follow up with you consistently to verify that we are fulfilling your expectations.

How will we communicate?

Our team will interact with your employees as needed, depending on the scope of work and your specific company needs. For simple data input, this may simply be receiving a weekly email detailing which files have been changed. We might plan a daily call for additional consultation work, such as budgeting/forecasting until the objectives are met. Communication is crucial to the success of any collaboration, and we take pleasure in being excellent communicators with all of our clients.

How is my business billed?

Our clients are paying on monthly basis after we complete setup, with the option to cancel at any time. We understand the need for flexibility for today’s businessmen, and we take pride in ensuring its provision. There are no long-term agreements necessary, and there are no hidden charges.

Let's begin our collaboration

We will create an outsourcing strategy that enhances the workflow of your organization through our consultation process. Jaak Technologies places a high emphasis on each customer and works diligently to ensure that our solutions benefit the companies we represent. To understand how we may become a valuable partner to you and your organization, schedule a free consultation now.