Outsourcing Services

Who we are

Improving efficiency and lowering overhead expenses are not only excellent ideas, but they are also necessary for the success of the company in today’s global market. Competition is intense, and those who do not optimize their processes will struggle to compete. Our team can identify those processes inside your organization that can be outsourced and design a strategy for you using our strategic approach. You may also boost your company’s performance and offer it the flexibility to scale up and down as required by implementing an outsourced service plan.

Services Provided Through Outsourcing

While our operations office can put together teams for almost ANY modern business challenge, the services below represent our CORE offerings.  However, if you are considering outsourced services we recommend contacting us directly to discuss your needs.  You might be surprised just how easy it is to work with Jaak Technologies, regardless of what you need to accomplish.

Accounting & Finance

We can assist you with everything from simple reconciliations to extensive analysis and consultation in your financial operations:

    • Accounts Receivable (AR)
    • Accounts payable(AP)
    • Billing/Collections
    • Reports on Expenses
    • Payroll
    • Reconciliation of Bank Accounts
    • Depreciation of Fixed Assets
    • Budget management
    • Reporting on monthly basis


Do you require accurate and fast transcription of dictated notes for your business? Allow our team to prepare your voice recordings overnight so that you can review them the next working day!

Customer Services

Is your company in need of specialized services? Don’t let this put you off thinking about Jaak Technologies. We can construct bespoke teams, both onshore and offshore, to satisfy even the most stringent needs, in addition to our conventional service lines. After we’ve mapped out your bespoke procedures and assembled your team, we’ll equip, teach, and manage them so you can focus on getting the results you need without worrying about HR issues.

Data Entry

Do you require assistance with inputting and tracking CRM data? Is your business planning to go paperless? Do you have a large number of files that need to be put into your system? Our team is eager to assist you!

Amazon FBA Wholesale

Our team understands that the typical Private Label route can be highly profitable. However, it may not be for everyone with a level of work requirement. One alternate to earning money is the use of the Amazon FBA wholesale model. There are a lot of simplicities to this model that you won’t find when you are trying to launch your Amazon FBA wholesale business. Our services assist you in launching your business by taking care of the details, like helping you select the right brands and contacting the vendors to get approvals for the launch of their brand as a “me-too”. Work with a company like Jaak Technologies that has an established portfolio of customers to whom it offers Amazon FBA wholesale services.

IT Services Management

We know IT services inside out because we’ve been a remote firm since our inception! Allow us to assist your organization in putting your computer assets under expert supervision so that your machines can function smoothly and cyber assaults are avoided. You may now relax knowing that your systems are completely working; thanks to our affordable monthly rates and thorough monthly network status report.

Marketing via email and social media

Do you need to run an email campaign but don’t know who to delegate the task to? Do you need to maintain your social media channels active but don’t want to spend the money on a full-time employee? We have the right solutions for you!

Web and mobile app development

Is it necessary for you to create an app for your company? Our developers can take on even the most difficult tasks at pricing you wouldn’t believe were attainable.

Amazon Private Label

The idea of creating an asset in the form of a private label seems a fantasy. A few are able to realize this dream because finding the right product is a question that only a few can answer with experience. If you knew what to sell on Amazon, you would achieve instant business success. There is a long list of bestselling products on Amazon that you can find by just a simple Google search. However, everyone aspiring to launch a private label on Amazon knows that these top-selling items on Amazon are already taken and by the time their product reaches the warehouse, it is already too late. You need to work with a company that understands the importance of finding unique products to sell on Amazon.

Amazon Micro Private Label

Are you looking to launch a product on Amazon on a shoestring? Well, you have got news! JaakTechnologies helps you find out what to sell on Amazon and that too on a budget. We shortlist those bestselling products on Amazon that you can manage on perhaps a less than ideal FBA PL launch budget. The objective is to help entrepreneurs with tight budgets find the top-selling items on Amazon that can offer handsome profit margins. We assist entrepreneurs on every step of the launch of your micro-niche on Amazon. When you hire professional Amazon Micro Private Label services by JaakTechnologies, the possibilities are literally endless for all the different categories of products to sell on Amazon.